Yellow Leaves


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Yellow Leaves

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With a bright sun in the background, yet a yellow melancholy leaf stands alone. With fresh rain spots, and spider webs to match; the picture shows of the ecosystem that we live in, the beauty that we can find in the everyday parts of the world around us, and the sadness that comes with it. Enjoy the bright colors, the raw backdrop and the tranquil feelings of being outside, of being one with nature.

The blurred background gives way to a saddened appearance, while the bare branches that the leaf sits on beckons new ones to start growing when the weather warms up and the seasons change once again. Starting new, whole, and fresh is what the picture says. Yellow fall leaves may come and go, but the beauty in them will remain forever. This beauty can be yours for whatever use you have for the picture.

Use this photo for any nature projects that you have, or as a backdrop on your screen to remind you that nature is all around us, and it is part of us. You can feel comfort in this picture, but also the raw beauty that radiates from the stand alone leaf.


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