Woodland Snow


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Woodland Snow

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When the wilderness becomes bitter, when it becomes cold and snowy; it is still just as beautiful as ever. Let the woods open up and call to you when you look at this picture. Look up at the tree tops and the bright sun shining down below. Feel like you’re a part of something much bigger than just you, yourself. The snow is just lightly falling all around, and the white tufts of snow layered on the ground are beautiful, are cold and are a part of a forrest that grows so deep and high around you.

Woodland snow is a beautifully captured photo that would go well with anything that you wish to use it for. Add it to the backdrop of a device, add it for a brochure or pamphlet or have it become a part of another, greater project that needs something to truly bring out the feelings of those that look at it, and have it speak to them.

This picture can be yours for free, to use however you’d like with a simple download. Enjoy the bliss and peaceful feelings you get when you add it to whatever project or purpose you have for it.


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