White Butterfly Photo


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White Butterfly Photo

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True Story:

Here is a photograph of a pretty little white butterfly going about its own business, oblivious to its immeasurable effect on the entire planet, or event he universe for that mater. For better or worse this single solitary butterfly in a Kentucky field could be flapping its wings and causing a hurricane on the other side of the world, so some have theorized. Heck our photographer could have changed the course of history, uhm wait… the future, just by photographing this white butterfly!

In pop-culture this concept, the butterfly effect, actually predated the so-called “chaos theory” and has been the inspiration of many TV and Movie plots. Writers like Ray Bradbury were particularly interested in the repercussions that might occur if someone traveled back in time and changed one small, seemingly insignificant detail of an event. I mean Star Trek dealt with that many, many times. We love Star Trek!

Who knows maybe this very offer to download this stock white butterfly photo could change the world (hopefully for the better).


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