Vintage 13 Star American Flag Vector

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Vintage 13 Star Flag Vector

Vintage 13 Star Flag Vector Download for Free in EPS format brought to you by Creation Seven Limited Company Public Domain License

Did You Know?

The Vintage 13 Star American Flag was an early design of the flag of the United States, the design of which is popularly attributed, and some say unlikely to be true, to Betsy Ross. While it may be true Betsy didn’t design it.  I am more interest in the more fictional story.  It contains “truths” beyond the “facts” that are, let’s face it, more interesting and possibly more valuable.  The design of this flag of course has the blue field with 13 stars, representing the 13 colonies of the United States,  in a circular pattern along with common feature of almost all American flags the red and white stripes or bars.

According to tradition this flag was designed and made by Betsy Ross in June of 1776 just prior to Declaration of Independence and the start of the American Revolution, after she accepted job from a small committee that included George Washing, Robert Morris, and a relative George Ross.

Ultimately whether the story is true or not isn’t that important, what is true is to this day the overall design and meaning of the American flag remains the same.  Sure, we may be living in a time now in America where it seems most do not care about what America really stood/stands for and have forgotten the sacrifices their fore bearers made for the freedoms we now take for granted.  I always said; It is easy to take for granted that which wasn’t earned. In the end if you contributed none of your blood, sweat, tears, or your pain then you will more than likely not care.

For those of you who do still care this Vintage 13 Star American Flag was created for you!  So, enjoy and use it with pride.



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