Vector Mountains

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Vector Mountains

Download this FREE graphical and simplistic scene of  vector mountains in EPS Format.

Did you know?

The word Montana comes from the Spanish word Montaña, which means “mountain”, or more widely as “mountainous country”. Montaña del Norte was the name given by early Spanish explorers to the entire mountainous region of the western United States. [Malone, Roeder & Lang 1991, pp. 95–96.]

Mountains are generally less preferable for human habitation than lowlands, mainly due to the harsh weather conditions and of course lack of level ground.  I mean who wants to stand at a lean all the time? I would say farming and growing food would be a tough proposition.  Interestingly enough about 7% of the Earth’s land area is above 8,200 ft (2,500 m) [1] and only about 170 million [2], [3] people out of 7+ billion people worldwide (according to Google, 2012) live at that level or higher. That being said, there aren’t any permanent human habitations above 26,000 ft.  This area and higher is known as the “death zone”; Yep, scary stuff! [4]  The summits of Mount Everest and K2 are in the death zone.  See this is why I think those people are nuts, they have big one’s but nuts none-the-less. Personally I find it preferable to live on top of  vector mountains there’s plenty of oxygen and no death zone, not to mention just as nice!

Download these vector mountains, make something pretty with it!



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