Storm Clouds Photo


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Storm Clouds Photo


This storm clouds photo shows a storm moving off and revealing the blue skies.  We teamed this up with a Bible verse from Proverbs 10:25 (NIV) which reads; “When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.” Included in this download is a layered TIFF with the verse which is fully editable in Photoshop and of course a JPEG of just the sky without anything else to be used for whatever project you wish.

Did You Know?

The word “wicked”1 means; criminal or one guilty of a crime.  One may ask what crime are these “wicked” guilty of in the Bible?  The answer actually lies in the second portion of this verse, the part that reads; “but the righteous stand firm forever.”  The word “righteous”2 means; just or lawful.  Jesus stated that the entire law, the ten commandments (which ballooned to 613) can be summed up by “loving your neighbor as you love yourself.”3  So to be lawful to God means all you have to do is obey ONE law and that is to love your neighbor, after all if you are loving them why would you steal from them or otherwise hurt them, right?  So to be a criminal you must be breaking the ONE law, that is to say you skip the loving your neighbor part and just love yourself.  In short the righteous are selfless (loving) and the wicked are selfish (egocentric).  Makes sense does it not?




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