Rooster Vector Silhouette

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Rooster Vector Silhouette

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Did you know?

A Rooster also known as a cockerel or cock has deeply held symbolic meanings throughout many cultures, past and present, throughout the world.  In western cultures the rooster is a symbol of dawn of a new day, rising of the sun.  In the east, in China, the rooster is part of the Chinese zodiac and people born in the year of the rooster are supposedly perfectionists, critical, egotistical, but also sharp, practical, and organized.

Personally the rooster represents to me many of both eastern and western ideals but possibly a little deeper even.  Typically roosters sit aloft being vigilant crowing to sound the alarm of danger, although I read once they crow sometimes for mating, fighting, and for no apparent reason at all, but the romanticized ideal is best… the rooster on top of the barn crowing full throat to the sunrise. For me at least it brings back boyhood memories of being in the country at my grandparents place, a simpler, more innocent time perhaps. Isn’t it interesting we spend half our life running from where we came from and the remaining half running to get back?

“Cock-A-Doodle-Doo”!  Hopefully this Rooster Vector Silhouette will give you some inspiration in your own “simpler or innocent” designs. On a side note it seems every time I hear the word “rooster” I also hear Alice in Chains sing, “Yeah… here come the rooster.”


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