Northern Lights


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Northern Lights

Download this FREE public domain stock photograph of the Northern Lights.  The download will be provided upon checkout as a high resolution JPEG image. 3148 × 1332@72dpi

Northern Lights are always beautiful to see in person, but if you haven’t yet, then make sure to check them out when it comes to seeing this beautifully captured picture that has them all and more. With the stars shining brightly overhead, and the beautiful rays of the moon coming down; the mix of those and the clouds make a beautiful picture that you might want to use for something that you see every day. Use the Northern Lights that come from the sky on any projects that you have coming up for work or school, or choose to place the picture on the background of your phone or computer; so you can look at the pictures often. Everyone loves bright, shining skies but when it consists of the nighttime calmness and the beautiful stars above; this is a picture worth keeping. Download the picture today, and use it however you wish for free. Just click on the download button and be sent to the wonderful dark skies where beauty happens, and life can go on. It captures a picture unlike any other, and says so much without saying anything at all. Download the beautiful night time picture today to make it your own.


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