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About Nautical Flags

The system of Nautical Flags, a.k.a international signal flags, is a method of using colors and shapes to represent individual alphanumeric symbols to communicate from ship to ship at a distance. [1]

How this form of communication may be achieved in the following ways:

Each one of the nautical flags can be used to individual spell out a message, letter by letter.

Each one of the nautical flags has specific and standard meaning; [2] such as scuba diving support the vessel that has divers below raises the “A, Alfa” flag indicating they cannot move from their current position because their divers are underwater and for other vessels to stay away to avoid mortally harming the diver(s)

One or more nautical flags can be used to form coded messages, the meanings of which can be resourced in coded book held by both parties.

In boat racing, specifically yacht racing, nautical flags have other meanings like, “P, Papa” flag is used a “starting” flag and “S, Sierra” flag means to “shortened course”. For more details see “Race Signals“.

The Nautical Flags included in this set are as follows:

  • “A” Alfa
  • “B” Bravo
  • “C” Charlie
  • “D” Delta
  • “E” Echo
  • “F” Foxtrot
  • “G” Golf
  • “H” Hotel
  • “I” India
  • “J” Juliet
  • “K” Kilo
  • “L” Lima
  • “M” Mike
  • “N” November
  • “O” Oscar
  • “P” Papa
  • “Q” Quebec
  • “R” Romeo
  • “S” Sierra
  • “T” Tango
  • “U” Uniform
  • “V” Victor
  • “W” Whiskey
  • “X” X-Ray
  • “Y” Yankee
  • “Z” Zulu
  • CODE or Answering Pennant

Download Numeral and Repeater Pennants Here


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