Leviathan Sperm Whale


Leviathan Sperm Whale Heading out to high seas in this vintage-styled nautical design to catch a leviathan/whale. Seriously, don’t do that… it is wrong! However if you did hook one these beasts you would certainly remember the battle and probably not want to do it again.


Leviathan Sperm Whale

This vintage style we call Leviathan Sperm Whale.  The inspiration for this design came from the obvious 18th and 19th century nautical artwork.  It quotes Job 41:8 “Lay thine hand upon him, remember the battle, do no more.”  Which delves into the a Moby Dick like story that is a metaphor for the struggles of life and control over one’s emotional responses.  So head out on the high seas of life in this  vintage-styled nautical design to catch your metaphorical leviathan/whale.  However be careful not chase it to the point of your own hurt and for the wrong reasons such as Captain Ahab, in Moby Dick.


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