Grey Wolf Vector

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Grey Wolf Vector Art

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Did you know?

The grey wolf is considered to be near the top of the food chain with only tigers and humans posing the most serious threat. That being said, this particular human doesn’t pose a serious threat, as I would prefer to keep my distance from these mammals.  No sense in becoming a meal if at all possible.  Some people, especially those with livestock despise wolves as they will kill their livestock for food and yet there are others who revere the wolves.  Apparently gray wolves are ancestors of the modern dog that was domesticated by hunter-gatherers a bazillion years ago or something like that.  You wouldn’t know to look at him, but my best friend, apparently has a link to his darker side.

Wolves are typically used with spiritual connotation in my religions, and varying in the respect and disdain that people have for these mammals.  Wolves are usually used to describe a person’s character in a negative sense as cold and calculating and even devious.  As the old saying goes; “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”, which was derived from the words of Jesus when he said; “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” [1] Essentially Jesus was stating that there are those who appear to be kind or gentle and even your friend but inside their thought and intent is to destroy you.  This would also give an insight into the ancients’ view of this predator and we should heed their warning.

Regardless they are very cool creatures, worthy of respect and fear both; maybe this is why there were also used in heraldry.  I hope you can use this grey wolf vector to create something howling (pun intended).





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