Great Pumpkin Cartoon Figure

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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!  Okay, may be not exactly the Great Pumpkin but this vintage-styled vector cartoon pumpkin character is what we see in our mind’s eye when imagining what the Great Pumpkin looks like. Of course pumpkins in general are pretty great!  I mean who would have “thunk” you could make such a delicious pie out of pumpkin; or roast the seeds for a good and healthy snack? There are an incredible amount of pumpkin recipes out there. Of course the popular American Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns goes without saying!  This tradition originated a few hundred years ago in Ireland, but back then the jack-o’-lantern was carved out of turnips or potatoes… seems kinda small for that… anyway when the Irish immigrants arrived in America they discovered the pumpkin and the Halloween tradition was reborn.

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