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God Bless Us Everyone Vector Art

Download this FREE Christmas & Holiday inspired vector featuring the words God Bless Us Everyone in AI, EPS, PDF formats.

“God Bless Us, Everyone.” Most every one of us knows those immortal words of Tiny Tim’s from Charles Dickens’ epic novel, A Christmas Carol
. It is probably one of the most beloved holiday stories ever and why not? It pretty much has everything from class warfare to paranormal phenomenon. What’s not to love about that, right?

One of the key points of this story for me is this simple blessing spoken by a small child after the prayer of gratitude from his father. This child, wiser than most of us today, fully appreciated the time he was able to spend with his family. He was happy with their meager portions, because none of that mattered; only the time together is what mattered.

For those of you who do not understand and even mock and scoff at people praying and blessing their food you should realize this… Saying a blessing over your dinner is about showing gratitude for what you have been given and the sacrifices granted to you.  First and foremost, whether it was plant or animal, it gave its life so you may live. You and I must honor that sacrifice with gratitude and verbalizing it by Giving Thanks is an outward expression of that honor and shows you actually understand that which was given to you. Furthermore, being thankful for those that processed your food, and drove it to the store, and the store employees that stocked the shelves, and of course the family member(s) that prepared it for you is just another way of honoring all of those people’s gift to you. Saying a blessing has nothing to do with “religion” and everything to do with being connected in a meaningful way to everyone and everything. So do not scoff at those who do… it just makes you seem Scrooge-like (the former rather than the latter Scrooge). So I say today God Bless Us, Everyone and Everything!



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