GMO Just Label It

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GMO Just Label It

Download this FREE public domain vector artwork of a round seal over a corn cob that reads GMO Just Label It.  The download will be provided upon checkout as a high resolution fully scaleable vector PDF editable in Adobe Illustrator or your favorite illustration software

What’s the big deal?  Why all the secrecy?  You see chances are when big corporations and big government wish to hide something from the public is NOT a good thing. When transparency becomes opacity in the name of profits then we are all doomed or at least those blind enough to ignore the warning signs.  The problem is every politician is involved in it, ALL OF THEM (so take your parties hats and glasses off here people). It is a war against the free flow of information and a ware on the basic human right of knowing what it is your food.  This war of information is being waged by every Democrat and Republican because they represent the interests of their cash cow corporations, such as Monsanto, and obviously do not care about the welfare, let alone, the interests of you and me.  Much like tobacco companies did they are hiding something.  And that typically means they are hiding it because they know it is harming people.  It’s a very simple: It is all about greed and power and that is at the core of human nature.  This is why it is easy to see what they are doing is wrong, you know it, I know it, and they know it too, hence the secrecy.

Ultimately, “IF” GMOs are truly safe and “IF” they are proud of their engineered “frankencrops” then the biotech industry needs to man-up and stand by their so-called product and “just label it.”  In other words if they love it so much put a label on it.  Furthermore, they should just label it for their own benefit, if not for our sakes, because eventually, inevitably, it will come out they’ve been hiding the ill-effectives of their product I’ll be one of the first in line on the class action lawsuit.  Sadly, they’ve learned nothing from Big Tobacco’s Big Mistake back in the day. Their simply is no rational, logical reason to continue to hide what we all already know.  Be proud; just label it!


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