Feather in the Sky


Public Domain Mark This item is completely FREE, but donations are appreciated if you feel so inclined. This particular work has been identified by UnSplash.com to be free of known copyright restrictions.



Download this FREE public domain stock photograph of a Feather.  The download will be provided upon checkout as a high resolution JPEG image. 2508 × 1672@72dpi Beautifully striped, white and grey, allowing the sun to shine through it is where you will find this feather. Floating down from the sky above, from a bird that decided it no longer needed it as it moved to a warmer, more comfortable place. Catching the feather after watching it float down from the sky is a beautiful, curious thing and now you have a picture that captures the feelings that you would get when something like this happens. Use the picture however you would like, on a project, an assignment or on your desktop. You can use the uplifting feeling it gives when you choose to make much more out of the picture and what it provides you with. Never give in to the pressures around you. Turn your head, look at this feather that lightly floats and float along with it. Enjoy this picture for whatever needs that you have when you download it for free right to your computer from the website. No copyright, no issues; it is your picture free and clear. Enjoy the many benefits of using a picture that can make you feel calm, at ease and know you can fly away whenever you feel the need for a change in your life.


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