Feather Quill Pen Clip Art


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Feather Quill Pen Clip Art Free Vector!

Download this FREE Vectorized feather quill pen clip art created by Creation Seven Limited Company available in .AI, .EPS, .PDF.

From the 6th – 19th centuries quill pens were the primary writing tool in the Western World. The best quality quill pens were made from goose, swan, and turkey feathers also crow, eagle, owl, and hawk feathers were used. Quill pens fell into decline after the invention and eventual mass production of the metal pen. Quill pens were used in the write of a vast majority of medieval manuscripts. The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution was written with a quill pen. Quill pens are still in use today mostly by professional scribes and calligraphers.

This feather quill pen clip art image was cleaned up and vectorized from a public domain image from a post for the Federal Theatre Project presentation of “Alison’s House” at the Mayan Theatre provided by the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

Hopefully this offering satisfies your need for a vector quill pen.  We went on a search on Google one day was surprised to find a not one good quality free vector version out there.



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