Country Road Sepia

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Country Road Sepia Photograph

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True Story:

Nothing says “take me home” quite like a country road. At least that’s what the great folk singer/songwriter John Denver mused. It seems a country road actually represents both past and future at the same time.  One one hand it represents the past because country roads seem to take some of us back to our roots.  And on the other it represents future because it sometimes seems you don’t know where a country road will end up, and they seem to go on for an eternity.  To quote John Denver’s song; “Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze.”

This country road photo was shot in Smith’s Grove, Kentucky just a few miles north of Bowling Green, Kentucky. The road is going up a slight hill with trees on the left and corn on the right. I’m betting GMO corn, unfortunately, but I digress.  Hopefully this image will inspire your future “country road” project.  Download this FREE Now!




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