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Cornfield Photograph

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True Story:

This photograph of a cornfield was shot in Smith’s Grove, Kentucky, just a few miles north of Bowling Green, Kentucky. While we’re not clear if this cornfield GMO corn or not, as it is difficult to tell the difference physically what is clear is we all should have the right to know what we are eating. This is why GMO labeling is important. If you don’t feel GMO’s are problem, that is fine but please it is only fair to let everyone know a product has GMO produce used in it. When companies push hard to hide the fact that their products contain GMO’s that’s a pretty good indicator that they do not have confidence in the safety of their own product. If GMO is such a “good thing” they should be proud to stand up for it, instead of hiding behind government-backed protection, to keep from labeling it so we know what’s in our food. We here at find that cowardly.

The reality is a majority of consumers are not only eating GMO corn in products like their cookies, chips, and cereals. They are eating it right of the cob now. According the Non-GMO project large quantities of GMO sweet corn hit the shelves at grocery stores and roadside stands. This stuff is also used in frozen and canned corn products.

What the heck is GMO sweet corn, you may ask?

To quote the Non-GMO Project; “GMO sweet corn is genetically engineered to be herbicide resistant (Roundup Ready) and to produce its own insecticide (Bt Toxin). Like all GMOs, genetically modified sweet corn has not been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is safe for consumption.”

So demand from your Senator and Congressman, Democrat or Republican to support GMO labeling at the very least and stop GMO products altogether that the most. Chances are both your party’s representatives won’t be keen on that because GMO companies donate big dollars to both parties equally. However, we do still have a vote and we can keep them all out until we find someone with the cojones to do the right thing.

Okay rant over! Resume downloading FREE stock photos and vectors at will.


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