Allosaurus Vector

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Allosaurus Vector

Download this FREE vector clip art graphic of an Allosaurus skeleton in EPS, AI, PDF formats tilted: I’m Dead… Jim.

Did you know?

An Allosaurus Vector -us (kidding). . .   Allosaurus /Aloe-saurus, that is how I pronounce it/ is another giant dead lizard that lived a gazillion years ago, the late Jurassic period, that some people get all “jacked” about. The name Allosaurus actually does mean “different lizard”.  I don’t have the source to that… Google it yourself!  Apparently this creatures was a two-legged walking predator that had a bazillion teeth that were sharp and ate pretty much anything that it could get its “barney arms” on, or I mean sharp teeth on, and probably not much smarter than a rooster. To quote Dr. McCoy; “He’s Dead, Jim.” And has been dead for an infinite amount of years.  Don’t bring this creature back to life either!  I will evoke the Star Trek Prime Directive here; Don’t not mess with the natural evolution of planets and their lifeforms!  Got it?  The Allosaurus is extinct so don’t resurrect it like the Jurassic Park movies.  This would cause a bunch of problems and means we violated the prime directive.  We are hopefully smarter than the “allosaurus/overgrown rooster

I hope you get some use out this fossilized Allosaurus Vector!





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