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The content provided on this website, Creation7.com, is the intellectual property of Creation Seven Limited Company unless it is labelled as or licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), also known as, Public Domain. The proprietary content is owned by Creation Seven Limited Company and is provided for download and use for a small licensing fee.  Both our public domain and proprietary content may be used in any media, personal and commercial, as long as it does not violate the terms of our license agreement. Restrictions apply.  See the Proprietary Content License Agreement below.

Public Domain Content Agreement:

Creation7.com offers a large curated collection of stock photographs and vector graphics.  Our collection of public domain graphic design resources are released under the Creative Commons (CC0) license.

Are there any fees associated with downloading our public domain content?

Most of our public domain resources are available at no cost, however, some of our public domain content we make available may have a download fee.  This fee covers the time we have invested in editing, cropping, masking, enhancing, and/or vectorizing an image for your use.  We do also accept donations which also helps cover the cost of web hosting, website maintenance, and administration.

How may our Public Domain Content be used?

The Public Domain Content we provide may be used online (i.e., web design, blogs, apps) or in print (i.e., books, brochures, logos, and more) without asking permission; without giving attribution; and without royalties.

Does Public Domain mean totally free of copyright?  

For the most part the answer is Yes.  However it is possible that an image/graphic can be in the public domain and still have certain rights protection. Some of our public domain content could require a model or property release, although we typically do not offer such content with recognizable people, property, name-brands or trademarks.  Although we typically strive to make such works available in our curated public domain content.


Please do not use our public domain content in such a way that suggests Creation7.com or the originator of the public domain image endorses you, your organization, your project and/or your cause. By downloading our public domain content you are agreeing to abide by the terms of this Public Domain Content Agreement.

Proprietary Content License Agreement:

Creation Seven Limited Company offers the following license for use of our proprietary content. By purchasing and downloading our content means you agree to the terms of our license agreement below:

  1. The content provided is licensed for use only to the user who purchased the right to use our proprietary content.
  2. Our proprietary content may not be redistributed, transferred, copied, or sold “as is” to any other person/corporation/organization in any form or media type of any kind, ever.
  3. Our proprietary content may be used to supplement your own design/work as long as it is not presented or sold as a standalone image (as is).  (i.e., Printing our original design(s) on any print-on-demand products unedited and/or unmodified is prohibited).
  4. Our proprietary content may be used “as is” only in an editorial capacity.  (i.e., a blog).
  5. Creation Seven Limited Company encourages freedom of speech and expression.  We do not believe in censorship and therefore do not limit the usage of our content in media we or others may find distasteful, disrespectful, offensive, or hateful.  However Creation Seven Limited Company will not be held civilly or criminally liable for any harm/damage that you or your organization may cause, real or perceived, if our content is used in a manner that others find objectionable or offensive.  By downloading and using our content in your personal or commercial projects you or your organization agree to defend Creation Seven Limited Company against any legal liability related to the violation of any laws related to hate speech, discrimination, or any other laws should you or your organization violate any.
  6. This proprietary content license agreement may be edited, revised, modified, or updated by Creation Seven Limited Company, at any time, without notification but it will always be displayed here or somewhere on our website.
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